Zillow – Prudential Agent 134 Listings – Sandicor Says Zero

Agent has 134 Listings on Zillow and Zero on Multiple Listing System!

Zillow makes a case for being as accurate as they can and policing listings.

I can take 20 minutes of time and go through and find offender after offender of listing hi-jacking.  One of the most significant offender was a Prudential Agent that claimed 134 listings.  When I search Sandicor MLS I could find no listings under that agent’s identification number.

Looking at a half dozen of the listings, it does appear that they are Prudential listings, but barring the permission of all the actual listing agents, he has hijacked them and appears as the listing agent to the consumer.  As a betting man, I would assume that most don’t realize that he has claimed them as his own.

If you are a real estate agent you might want to check out your listings on Zillow, you may find someone else has hi-jacked them.

Another Prudential agent shows up with 34 listings with no listing syndicator.  A independent brokerage had an agent with 25 listings.  It is pretty easy to pick them out since the listings are not from a syndicator.

All of the suspect listing agent scored very high in reviews and many were Zillow Premier Agents, like the agent with 124 listings.  The question is, an agent that would game the system, and steal listings, should they be a Premier Agent?

My point from the start of this conversation was with syndication data can be accurate.

Here is a tip Zillow, look for high volume listings by an agent and check the source….if you actually care about accuracy.




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